Software Development Services

Why we need a custom made software. 

Every Business has a unique process to complete the workflow. 

To adopt a ready-made application software, it is required to change the workflow or mold your processes. 

A well grown business will never waste time and resources to modify internal workflow. 

RTS software development team can help by analyzing and understanding your workflow. We can design a custom application as per your business demand. 

The tailor made software is made in modular sections, which means at any stage as per the new requirement of the business we can add more functionality into it.

Please note that you will spend a lot more on custom software than a ready made software. But it will definitely pay for itself.

Few custom made software designed by us are

LIMS - Lab Information Management System

Invoice Generation Software for Business Houses 

Medical Prescription Software for Doctors

Inventory Management System 

Data Conversion Utility (From Linnworks to Xero Bookkeeping Software)

Data Segregation Utility (From Linnworks to Sage Bookkeeping Software) 

Donation Management system for Church

Order Management System for Shoe Sole Manufacturing Unit